Gypsy Shoppe is a brand for people who want to fill their life with positive vibes, who are looking to cultivate gratitude and celebrate the good around them. Our collection of apparel and prints are inspired by love & light, high vibrational living, mantras, free-spirits, quirkiness, and adventure.

We were established in 2011 with a rebellious spirit and the desire to do what we love. We hope you make yourself at home and shop boldly for anything that resonates with your spirit. Our creations are our love letter to you, and we wish you enjoy them as much as we love creating them. Let your spirit take flight!

We believe in the freedom to do what we love. Creating is our connection with undiscovered universes, our untapped higher self, our way down the rabbit hole.

We design unique and inspiring art and apparel; inspired by love & light, high vibrational living, mantras, free-spirits, quirkiness, and adventure. Our wish is to inspire the wearer to embrace their uniqueness and spur meaningful change in their own personal journey.

Ivy Skye Jaquez

Ivy Skye Jáquez
Owner & Creative Director

Free spirited island girl, soulpreneur, boho style lover, digital designer, mixed media artist, aspiring photographer, jewelry junky.

Likes:  spirituality, whimsical art and films, spanish rock, world music, flickering candles, hugs, winged animals, nature.

Our Inspiration, Things We ❤

Brand Manifesto

Our hope is that our collection of apparel and artful mantra prints awaken the wonderland that lives inside each of us, and inspire others to discover their own true greatness.



From backpacking around the world and road trips with friends, to hitting the beach or a festival, Gypsy Shoppe Apparel is all about showing off your sunny vibes.


Prints + Posters

Positivity is contagious, be the energy you want to attract. Surround yourself with a piece of instant magic, our art prints + posters will remind you everyday of your infinite possibilities.



Connect with your inner truth and let it radiate out. Whether it’s feathers for your nest or cool accessories, keep your mantra with you or carry it wherever you go.